Featured Customer

Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers

“Very impressed with the agrē program and Tronia’s ability to tailor the components to specific industry needs. agrē‘s ability to export reports to Microsoft applications is fundamental in daily administrative tasks. It makes analyzing and communicating data much simpler. The staff at Tronia are also always very helpful if you ever need assistance!”

Eli Rosenberg

AgVend Inc.

“Tronia is an incredible integration partner. Their robust, flexible, and well-documented APIs enable us to pull large amounts of data in very little time, contributing to the reliability of our shared ag retailers’ AgVend-built platform. Working and collaborating with Tronia has been a pleasure. They promptly acknowledge new requests with detailed explanations and proposed implementation timelines, while their rapid responses to technical inquiries, coupled with clear explanations and examples; provides unparalleled support. This level of responsiveness is crucial in setting accurate expectations and delivering an optimal experience for our shared ag retail partners.”

Murray Lobb


“Our experience with Tronia and the agrēLite program has been very positive. We like the Canadian aspect of the company and the approachable staff. Not USA-based, not limited to their existing offering, we have had several customizations to meet our needs. It’s like calling a family member. Cali (our CSC) is a dedicated specialist that gets us and what our needs are and that’s fantastic. The in-person training was a positive investment for my staff. Some of our shareholders had previous experience with Tronia, and strongly suggested it as well. We look forward to digital growth and key improvements moving our group to Tronia & agrē .”

Michelle Gibbson

Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.

“We have been extremely happy with our decision to make the switch to agrē over 6 years ago. They (Tronia) made the transition very easy. The hands-on training with Devin and Dee was excellent! They really took the time to understand how we do business and knew how to make agrē work for us. We can always count on timely support from all of the friendly, knowledgeable members of the Tronia Team.”

Jesse Wasmuth

South West Terminal

“I have worked with Tronia for several years; its staff does fantastic work. Tronia understands agriculture and collaborates with you to develop solutions appropriate for your use. From the initial use case and proof of concept to deployment, the development experience with Tronia does not disappoint. Meeting project milestones and user feedback are highly important to the company during the engineering process. Several projects have even come in under budget, despite what I felt were pretty conservative scopes of work. I highly recommend Tronia to anyone looking for a reliable and robust IT partner in the agricultural space.”


Travis Dreger

AFS Agro

“I have been a Tronia customer for many years and would recommend it to anyone considering a complete software package for a crop inputs business. The agre system completely runs our business with full functionality of inventory, blending, G/L, payables and receivables. When I worked for companies that didn’t have agre I was constantly trying to build my own reports to match what was easily produced from Tronia. Their ongoing support and quick turn around time for answers to our questions helps us with quick solutions.”

Hanna Rundle

County Ag Services

“Working with agrē has been one of the best decisions our business has made! This easy to use program is specifically designed for Ag Retails with unique features that have shaved countless hours off our workload. The Tronia Team goes above and beyond with their support, and we feel comforted knowing our data is secure with them. At this point, we can’t imagine running our business without agrē, and don’t remember how we ever did it before!” 

Barb Cairns

Advantage Co-op

“As a newer retail member from the FCL group, we find ourselves coming across unfamiliar situations. As the saying goes  – it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks! – The support team has been extremely helpful and patient walking us through every situation we find ourselves dealing with from setting up users to basic day to day processes.  Although the Tronia system does have its own online “help” section, the support team is always willing to help us locate the information we need and to give us further explanation if necessary to get us through every unique situation.”

Jeff Holmes

Holmes Agro

“Our company has been on Tronia’s ERP system now for several (over 15) years and the Tronia staff have always assisted us in making the program fit our needs.”

Andrew England

Sturgeon Valley Fertilizer

“Very impressed with the agrē program and Tronia’s ability to tailor the components to specific industry needs. agrē‘s ability to export reports to Microsoft applications is fundamental in daily administrative tasks. It makes analyzing and communicating data much simpler. The staff at Tronia are also always very helpful if you ever need assistance!”

Tracey Murray

South Country Co-op

“After using Grower Central & working in and with Tronia for over 5 years, I can say the ease of the program has to be my favorite feature, it is extremely user friendly , I like the crisp clean look. Customers having access to their invoicing and agronomy features – I have had great feedback from the customers that use it, and they also like the ease and user friendly features of the program as well.”

Jennifer Stewart

Perth Ag Partners

“We are so happy with our decision to switch to Tronia Systems, with the agrē Solution.  It really suits us and our business, and has already been helping us in making everyday transactions so much easier and efficient!  We anticipate a great response from our customers to the layout of the new statement as well.

We are very impressed with the whole training and set up process.  Cali and team have been providing such exceptional customer service with coaching, knowledge and patience working with us through the whole setup process. The step-by-step transition that Cali has been walking us through has made the task of switching systems a very positive experience overall.  It has given us full confidence in the ongoing support we will have from Tronia Systems as time goes on and the business moves forward!”

Parker Summers

Prairie Soil Services

“The hosted solution is so flexible with accessibility from virtually anywhere – as well as providing the safety of remote data backup simply provides peace of mind.”

John Montgomery

Westlock Terminal (NGC) Ltd.

“agrē Grain has been everything we needed it to be. It covers all the day-to-day needs of our New Generation Co-op Grain company, all wrapped up in a flexible and easy-to-use interface. The team there has been great to work with.” 

Kim Gerry

Precision Ag

“We have been working with Tronia and their agrē software for over 10 years now, and I can’t imagine running our business without them. From the advanced program itself, to the exceptional customer service, if you are an ag-retail you won’t regret working with Tronia! agrē has really helped us make our business run smoothly. We love the Blending module and Fixed Assets is awesome!”

Jessica Ditoro

Okanagan Fertilizer

“Tronia has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They know their product/program inside and out. I am a very “uncomputer” person and they always understand what I’m looking for and have always been able to answer all of my questions.”

Terry Marriott

Agro Source Ltd.

“I have been working with the Tronia agrē iBlend Program for over 5 years. It is user friendly and I am able to easily add new products, producers and pricing into the program. Support when we have needed it is second to none.”

Steven McQueen

Agronomy Manager

“What has truly amazed me, is that even though I have moved on to an agronomy role, the relationship between the Tronia Team has remained. This is a true testament to the importance of building trust within relationships, along with the interchangeable creation of value and values. When one has the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, and it is reciprocal, take advantage and grow the relationship. It will lead everyone to greater opportunities and success, which truly describes the Tronia Team.”

Travis Long

Swan Valley Consumers Co-op Ltd.

“We have been using the Tronia (Blend Control) Integration with our new blending software for over 2 years now and it has modernized our blending process and taken out the potential of errors of values being entered incorrectly. It has also helped with inventory management as product are removed once blended and it has streamlined the way we bill by combining all of the Load Out Tickets together which saves manual adding.”

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