Partnering with Tronia

In the world of business today, we continue to be driven by so many external concepts and ideas of what and who other people and companies believe we should be. Across the agricultural landscape; there is a small percentage of the population that farm, being directed or forced to change business strategies to meet the needs or wants of the consumer and those that manage the upstream supply chain. With all these pressures on agriculture, we continue to see the value of relationships grow, watching business-to-business partnerships develop greater success all around.

Having been involved in agriculture from many aspects, from farmer and custom applicator to farm equipment and crop supply manager, it has taught me the importance of relationships, follow through, and follow up. These attributes are the building blocks for customer attraction and retention which we need to practice every day.

These same attributes are what we look for when searching to address internal business processes, especially those that enhance customer experiences. While working in the crop input sector, we began to investigate an accounting system, along with a product and inventory management system to incorporate into our business. It was during this journey that I had the opportunity to meet up with the Tronia Team at a CAAR Conference we were both attending.

From the first short introduction, it was easy to see and feel the passion of this unique team. The follow-through discussion was even more revealing, that there was a sincere desire to better understand our business needs, along with wanting to connect to discover where we were, and better still, the vision of our future.

Over the next year, the follow-up was acted upon and communication continued to expand a concept into an actionable plan. The plan was then implemented, and, in many cases, this is where things can sometimes weaken. But this is where the Tronia Team delivered on their strengths, following up with training for staff and support from management, through to the sales and service teams. The product and personal support continued as new adjustments and customer offerings arose, including the development of a scouting program.

What has truly amazed me, is that even though I have moved on to an agronomy role, the relationship between the Tronia Team has remained. This is a true testament to the importance of building trust within relationships, along with the interchangeable creation of value and values. When one has the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, and it is reciprocal, take advantage and grow the relationship. It will lead everyone to greater opportunities and success, which truly describes the Tronia Team.


Steven McQueen


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