Integrated Scale Systems

Enable precision and efficiency by leveraging agrē’s Integrated Scale module. Integrated scales streamline your operations by providing timely and accurate weight management results for your grain operation.

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Synchronized Weight Recording

Capture real-time weight data from your scales directly into agrē scale tickets.

  • uses API integration technology
  • enables the use of dedicated controls & equipment
  • ensures scale data accuracy
  • enables reliable audit processes

Simplified Operation

Integrated Scale technology makes receiving faster and accurate.

  • increased load efficiency means faster processing times
  • streamlined workflows with fewer steps
  • no complex steps = simple operation

Detailed Reporting

Generate accurate and instant reports, aiding in inventory & account management.

  • robust inventory reporting
  • precise producer history
  • detailed inbound & outbound activity, storage, and handling information
  • compliant reporting for both internal/external requirements

Integrated Scale System FAQ's

agrē Integrated Scale Systems can be customized to work with a wide variety of scale controls and equipment. Today we have dedicated integrations with LV Controls and JF Scale Software. Contact us today to discuss a new integration opportunity.

The more common types of scale equipment we integrate with are integrated bulk weigher controls, truck scales (kiosk) and load scales systems for grain terminals.

By directly integrating your scale (control) with your agrē Grain software, actual weight data is used in all scale based activities. This eliminates manual data entry, reducing the possibility of missed entries or keying errors. 

The Integrated Scale System is designed to interact seamlessly with other agrē modules, thereby streamlining processes from loadout to billing.

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