Integrated Blend Control

Master the blend process by taking command of your fertilizer blending operations with agrē’s Integrated Blend Control module. Automate your blending process by communicating target quantities to blend equipment and effortlessly receive actual results back in agrē.

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Seamless Integration

Reliable integration between agrē iBlend and various leading industry control equipment.

  • trusted integration means you can rest assured your blends are accurate every time.
  • optionally import automated blender customer information into agrē
  • map blend products between agrē and various automated blender
  • ability to optionally add oil (or other product) to blends at a user-specified rate
  • ability to specify minimum tonnage for delivery charge

Multi-Blender Management

Capability to manage single or multiple automated blenders across various sites.

  • promote operational efficiency by managing different blend controls by location; or across all your entire organization
  • simple setup and management of individual blender and blend control details
  • specify unique mix times, scale conversion factors and unit types per automated  blender
  • store individual product density information by location

Precision Control

One-click export and import of target and actual quantities for precise inventory management.

  • send target quantities to the right blender and receive the actuals back with the click of a button
  • fully integrated with the agrē Solution and customer blend history
  • detailed blend order management window to ensure easy operation
  • cancel orders with ease
  • detailed reporting of all automated blend activity, product, and customer history

Integrated Blend Control FAQ's

The module enhances your blending operations by providing precise inventory control, seamless equipment integration, multi-blender capabilities, and superior blend order management

Yes. The Integrated Blend Control module allows you to manage single or multiple blenders across various locations.

This feature allows you to easily send target quantities to the automated blender and receive the actual quantities back, streamlining your inventory management process.

Yes. Through the automated blend orders management tool, you can view blend order status at-a-glance.

Product Reviews:

Travis Long

Swan Valley Consumer Co-op


“We have been using the Tronia (Blend Control) Integration with our new blending software for over 2 years now. It has modernized our blending process and taken out the potential of errors in values being entered incorrectly. It has also helped with inventory management as products are removed once blended and it has streamlined the way we bill by combining all of the Load Out Tickets together; which saves (additional) manual steps.”

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Take control of blending

Step into the future of blending. Automate your operations with precision, control, and seamless integration offered by agrē’s Integrated Blend Control module. Experience a significant shift in productivity and efficiency.

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