agrē Hosting Service

Experience enhanced efficiency, reliability, and accessibility with Tronia’s dedicated agrē Hosting Services. This fully managed service offers secure access to any agrē application, backed by rigorous security and redundancy protection protocols.

Secure. Reliable. Available.

Tronia’s agrē hosting service provides dedicated, premium hosting and IT infrastructure – ensuring the highest levels of performance, redundancy, control, and security. 

Limitless Access

agrē hosting services offer you the flexibility of accessing your agrē solution anywhere, anytime. 

Scalable Solutions

Citrix application delivery technology can be scaled to meet your individual agrē user needs. 

Over 20 years of expert hosting experience

Since 2001, Tronia has been a premier provider of advanced hosting technology solutions for our internal agrē applications.

Hosting FAQ's

Tronia’s hosting service is an independent, highly robust IT system with dedicated hardware and software for the purpose of managing, maintaining, and delivery of agrē/agrē related client applications. 

A cloud service is a centralized virtual infrastructure with server resources shared by multiple organizations and users. A could platform is typically run, delivered and hosted via a third-party cloud environment provider and accessible over the internet remotely. 

A hosted environment refers to technology services that are delivered via infrastructure located in a private data center support by vendors (like Tronia) who provide high-end hosting and IT infrastructure and expertise, ensuring a high level of redundancy, resource allocation, control, backups, and security.

A dedicated host server environment is a highly encrypted system with layers of protection that are hard to breach. It’s particularly suited for applications or websites (like agrē) that require high performance, robust security, and extensive customization options. Since the resources are not shared with outside users, dedicated servers offer predictable and consistent performance, making them ideal for highly secure & resource-intensive workload requirements.

Tronia hosting services manages all of your agrē application maintenance. From major upgrades to routine hotfixes – we ensure your agrē application is always up to date. We also perform hourly database mirroring and daily full backup processes. We also have a fully replicated DR environment that would restore access and functionality in the event of a major disaster.

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