Grower Central

Empower Your Customers with On-Demand Access

Elevate your customer service potential with Grower Central, a secure portal where your customers can access their account data online, anytime.


White-Label Portal Design

Grower Central is designed to mimic the branding of your company in a dedicated portal solution that is an extension of the services you provide. 

  • dedicated grower access link via your company website
  • full account information inclusive of current account & prepayment balances
  • provide access all transaction history
  • view/download/print invoices, work orders, load tickets, payment receipts and prepayment deposits
  • access to all blend history and various related reporting
  • agrē Agronomy module allows grower visibility to active crop plans, field scouts, soil tests, images and field data
  • agrē Grain module allows producers to access all purchase contracts, grain receipts, settlement details and payout document details

Integrated with your agrē ERP

A complimentary add-on module that fully integrates with your agrē system to share all customer account activity from the past and present.

  • real-time data, fully automated, no delay 
  • full history, complete with all available customer activity 
  • secure, live, 1:1 connection with your agrē database
  • configured by you; decide what information and functionality is available
  • independent control of customer/user access
  • customized to match your agrē company branding
  • easy to implement and no maintenance, your Grower Central portal is fully managed by Tronia
  • if you don’t have a website – we can connect you with web designers who have experience in ag retail website development

Empower Your Customers

Enable your growers by giving them the tools and information they need in a convenient mobile app to make smart and efficient business decisions. 

  • enable, engage, and empower your customers with the ultimate convenience of information at their fingertips
  • growers can easily take action by placing online order & quote requests
  • optional additional feature for online payments; that seamlessly integrates with your current debit/credit merchant provider
  • order and payment data flows directly into your agrē system
  • no rekey, means no errors and increased efficiencies in your ordering process
  • using responsive web app technology, Grower Central  operates with sleek precision on any device with an internet connection


Grower Central FAQ's

Grower Central is an optional customer facing portal module, fully developed, and maintained by Tronia Systems. It provides secure, real-time access to your grower customers. It gives you the power to share valuable account information in an easy-to-use web application that is accessible from anywhere, 24/7.  

Your customers can view a wide range of information, including current account balances, prepayment dollars remaining, detailed purchase, payment and order transaction history and custom blend information. If you also utilize agrē Agronomy or agrē Grain management modules, Grower Central will categorize and share all customer related activity and information.

Grower Central is built within the Tronia application framework and uses a highly secure API integration to access and deliver information via this portal service. Security is of the utmost importance to us, and we use every measure possible to ensure that your customer data is safe and protected.

Yes, your Grower Central portal will be themed to match your current website branding, including colors and logos.


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Product Reviews:

Tracey Murray

South Country Co-op


“After using Grower Central & working in and with Tronia for over 5 years, I can say the ease of the program has to be my favorite feature, it is extremely user friendly, I like the crisp clean look. Customers having access to their invoicing and agronomy features – I have had great feedback from the customers that use it, and they also like the ease and user friendly features of the program as well.”

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