Your Digital Document Signature Solution

Take control of your document management with agrē eSignature. Simplify your customer signing process by allowing digital signatures on key documents, all securely stored within agrē’s Document Manager.


Adaptable Signature Options

Using a signature pad, mouse, stylus, or finger; customers can easily & efficiently sign various agrē transaction records from anywhere.

  • agrē eSignature is compatible with Windows (laptops, desktops, tablets, hybrids), Android (Chromebooks, tablets, phones) and iOS (MacBooks, iPads, iPhones).
  • powered by Namirial’s advanced electronic signature solution
  • budget friendly licensing options
  • dedicated signature pad hardware available through our partner Wacom Solutions

Customized Document Signing

Set which documents can be digitally signed, from work orders to invoices, loadout tickets, and transportation documentation.

  • you decide which reports or documents can be signed 
  • each user can select their own default signing device
  • a document may be signed multiple times (two different signatures on the same page)
  • if a document is edited, it can be signed again
  • signed documents can be opened with any PDF reader (agrē uses Adobe Acrobat)
  • set private documents permissions

Join the Paperless Movement

Shift away from paper document copies and make your customer interaction easier and more secure by sharing digital copies. 

  • offer an enhanced customer experience by digitally sharing records with ease
  • reap the benefits of an organized and secure electronic document management system
  • easily email or print any signed documents from agrē
  • share signed documents automatically with customers through Grower Central
  • signed documents are stored behind Citrix security

eSignature Devices:

Wacom STU-430

Ideal for any signing situation, the Wacom STU-430 signature pad is a versatile, full-featured, monochrome signature pad with a new thin design and a low-profile surface. 

Wacom STU-540

The most advanced and robust premium signature pad, the Wacom STU-540 features a 5″ high-resolution color screen with hardened cover glass for superb durability.

Wacom DTU-1141B

The DTU-1141B’s vivid 10.1″ LCD screen supports multiple resolutions up to Full HD for an optimal user experience with any business software application.


eSignature FAQ's

agrē eSignature functionality is compatible with most Windows, Android, and iOS devices for general electronic signatures. We also resell business specific signature hardware by Wacom. Please visit Wacom for more information on the devices we support. 

All signed documents are stored within your hosted agrē database, accessible only by Citrix, providing a high level of protection for your sensitive data.

Yes, signed documents can be stored electronically as a PDF file, emailed, printed, or viewed directly from within agrē.

If a signed document needs to be edited after being signed, it can be updated and signed again. However, the original signed version of the document will remain stored for integrity(historical) purposes.

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Simplify document signing and storage with agrē eSignature. Enhance your workflow efficiency and customer experience today. Sign up for agrē eSignature and embrace effortless digitization.

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