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agrē Agronomy provides the essential tools needed to improve decision-making potential and maximize productivity.


Comprehensive Field Management

Effortlessly log field details, craft dedicated maps, and manage soil tests to build custom fertility solutions that yield results for each customer.

  • define unlimited custom fields by grower
  • store legal land description, 911, or GPS coordinates
  • assign ownership details and coordinate field history
  • link field locations to Google Maps
  • outline field boundaries and denote important markers
  • import shapefiles and generate custom field maps
  • view/print/email mapping samples
  • combine fields to create one big farm map
  • submit and import soil and tissue tests from one of our partner labs: A&L, Midwest Element, ALS, AgVise or Farmers Edge
  • generate trend analysis reporting
  • store additional documents or imagery
  • track history of crop rotations and product application
  • assign field data to custom blend activities

Personalized Crop Planning & Field Scouting

Plan crop strategies based on reliable data and tackle problems with information & knowledge that you can easily access and share.

  • customize crop plans by field/farm/crop
  • outline specific fertility targets and suggest crop protection recommendations 
  • estimate yield results, track suggested input costs and optional external expenses
  • move input requirements into actionable work orders
  • update crop plans with ease and share revised information in real time with customers via Grower Central 
  • efficiently track detailed field scout results with the Field Scout mobile app and precisely log and share any crop related issues
  • identify and record specific weeds, pests & diseases to address
  • load and store photos or other documents for reference purposes
  • efficiently send product  recommendations to load out tickets for pickup; or book application appointments

Custom Application & Dispatching

Schedule, dispatch, and track custom application jobs; address changes with ease and confidently allocate crop input activities.

  • schedule designated custom application jobs
  • assign/manage operator and equipment needs
  • track & record job status and progress
  • make changes to scheduling details on the fly
  • easy to read dispatch dashboard for team coordination
  • diligently record details of application activities and end results 
  • complete follow through billing process
  • send application details directly to load out tickets which can be invoiced with precision and efficiency
  • immediate product usage tracking allows for seamless inventory management
  • allocate products used to specific fields and crops for accurate history 
  • track crop plan details against delivered products and services 

Budget & Expense Management

Track inputs used, other overhead expenses, and general budgetary requirements to ensure targets are met.

  • combine planning, target, and actual product usage to identify progress
  • compare suggested input expenses and actual product costs to track budgets
  • track external expenses to provide a holistic view of crop profitability or loss
  • provide accurate costing analysis information to enable your customers to make informative decisions

Detailed Reporting & Analysis

Generate comprehensive field reports, soil testing summaries and crop plan reviews to assess progress & performance.

  • leverage the benefits of system-wide planning details, progress activities, products & services purchased to identify profitability and overall success
  • detailed historical records relating to products applied for general traceability related to possible insurance claims 
  • store and reference lot number information for product recalls 

Spread Efficiency with Mobility

Reap the benefits of complementary tools such as agrē Mobile Field Scout app.             

  • agrē Mobile field scout app enables your Agronomists to perform their job in field, with a mobile app that can run on any device
  • online/office capabilities 
  • pin GPS coordinates
  • upload photos/images
  • cache customer or product lists for improved performance
  • easily load activity logged offline when internet connectivity is restored


agrē Agronomy FAQ's

agrē Agronomy is a comprehensive add-on module that supports the core functions and processes needed to aid in agronomic services and data management. From crop planning to field scouting, custom application, and input expense tracking; Agronomy is an end-to-end solution designed to facilitate the most common agronomy services that today’s retails provide to their growers.

agrē Agronomy allows you to submit soil and tissue test samples from; and receive corresponding results directly into agrē. Test results can be linked to a specific field or customer profile. Tests can be easily viewed when planning crop fertility requirements. We currently partner with the following labs: A&L, Midwest, AgVise, Element, and Farmers Edge. 

agrē Crop Planning functions include all the components of input planning, recommendations, fertility targets, yield tracking and profitability management. agrē Field Scouting tools enable Agronomists to accurately track pest management and observation data to achieve ultimate crop performance.

agrē Agronomy integrates with Grower Central, enabling growers to view their complete crop and field information online, anytime.


Product Reviews:

Khaled Bari

Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers


“Tronia Systems Ltd. provides a dynamic training (for Agronomy) featuring interactive sessions that offer valuable learning experiences for ag-retail businesses. It assists agronomists in crop planning and aids in field scouting via the agrē mobile app, which offers growers recommendations and facilitates scheduling custom applications. Moreover, it serves as a platform for multiple soil labs to perform soil tests. Users can easily track products and expenses, streamlining record-keeping for growers’ farm operations.”

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