agrē Lite

Advanced Solutions For Any Growing Business

agrē Lite is a powerful business solution that can streamline any operation requiring point-of-sale, detailed inventory tracking, general accounting, and order management tools.


Core Business Functions

agrē Lite is the slimmed-down version of agrē. It includes all the core financial management components needed to run any standard business. 

  • comprehensive, role based security
  • accounts receivable
  • inventory management
  • accounts payable
  • general ledger
  • payroll integration options
  • detailed reporting

Adaptable Features

Designed for adaptability, agrē Lite can seamlessly accommodate your organizational evolution & growth.

  • simple upgrade process from agrē Lite to the full agrē Solution
  • scalable and customizable
  • flexible options to accommodate unique business challenges
  • full data retention capabilities as your business evolves

Basic CRM

Complete with customizable CRM tools for identifying, nurturing, and retaining valuable customers to build long-lasting relationships.

  • customizable detail setup & tracking
  • grower activity and contact management
  • scheduling and reminder tools
  • dedicated document & file repository
  • direct emailing functionality
  • sales rep notifications


agrē Lite FAQ's

agrē Lite is an agile business management solution designed to deliver efficient, effective, and dependable results regardless of industry. If you require a powerful ERP, POS, inventory management, and general accounting system – agrē Lite is the solution that can drive your success.

agrē Lite includes full Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, CRM and comprehensive Reporting. If you need a dependable and easy to use sales and inventory management solution – look no further, agrē Lite has you covered.

agrē Lite is designed for businesses that want the same powerful financial management, inventory tracking, and sales tools as agrē; but don’t require the ag specific components such as integrated fertilizer blending, manufacturing, or agronomy.

agrē Lite users cross a variety of industries including retail/wholesale crop protection, seed, and feed dealers, parts & equipment manufacturers, veterinary, bulk fuel, farm and building supply, distribution centers, and general stores. 

Yes, you can easily upgrade from agrē Lite to the full agrē Solution as your business needs expand and change. agrē Lite can grow alongside your company by seamlessly adding new locations, warehouses, users, and other complimentary functionality or modules whenever you need it.


Product Reviews:

Murray Lobb



“Our experience with Tronia and the agrēLite program has been very positive. We like the Canadian aspect of the company and the approachable staff. Not USA-based and not limited to their existing offering; we have had several customizations to meet our needs (in the distribution sector). It’s like calling a family member. Cali (our CSC) is a dedicated specialist that gets us and what our needs are which is fantastic. The in person training was a positive investment for my staff. Some of our shareholders had previous experience with Tronia, and strongly suggested it as well. We look forward to digital growth and key improvements moving our group to Tronia & agrē.”

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Embrace agrē Lite, a powerful, user-friendly, and adaptable financial management solution designed for your growing business and lasting customer relationships.

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