agrē iBlend

Revolutionized Fertilizer Blending

Change the way you blend fertilizer with agrē iBlend. Fully integrated fertilizer management software that goes far beyond just blend calculations.


Reliable Blend Calculations

Easily calculate and customize blends, manage nutrient sources, and incorporate additional products or services into your blend pricing.

  • dry & liquid blending
  • scaled or volumetric blenders
  • multiple blend calculations & types
  • unlimited nutrients & micros per blend
  • split source capabilities
  • precise guaranteed analysis calculation
  • add other products, services, or fees to blends
  • seamless Inventory updating
  • customizable price & batch sheet reports

Discover the Options

Experience the efficiency of  iBlend as a standalone blend tool, with optional inventory functionality, or fully integrated within the agrē application. 

  • user defined default products, nutrients, unit measurements
  • configurations by blender
  • blend quotation options
  • blend vs individual product display options
  • complete customer blend history 
  • link customer field data
  • simplified blend detail updates
  • sharable blend activity
  • detailed blend reporting
  • adjust inventory quantity actuals on the fly

Integrated Blender Controls

Automate your blending by integrating with one of our many blend control partners to streamline your entire blend process – start to finish.

  • agrē blending currently integrates with the following blender controls: LV, Kahler Automation, AGI Yargus, Rancan, Ranco, EAI, Hi-Tech, ICS, Stockdales, & Swift… 
  • send blend details directly to controller equipment
  • automation to reduce errors, increase efficiency
  • receive actual blend results back into agrē 
  • enhanced inventory integrations


agrē iBlend FAQ's

agrē iBlend is a reliable, comprehensive, and intuitive fertilizer blending platform that can be used independently as a custom blend calculation tool, alongside inventory controls, scale integrations, or totally integrated with all aspects of agrē functionality.

iBlend has mastered the art of calculating liquid & dry fertilizer formulation; it offers 5 blend calculation methods and can accommodate almost any blender system inclusive of declining weight (bulk), volumetric, and metered blend outputs. It allows user defined metrics, split nutrient sources, the use of unlimited nutrients and micros, optional additional items inclusive of liquid additives and suspension products, comprehensive pricing options, detailed (even custom) batch sheets and activity reporting, and direct integration with 10+ automated blend controls.

Full blend history activity is retained by customer and individual blends can be copied/shared with other growers. Full traceability of blends bought, and applied by field/crop can be achieved by also using the agrē Agronomy module. 

Yes, blending in agrē is simple, flexible, extremely accurate and most importantly – completely integrated throughout all core agrē activities. iBlend will completely transform how you manage blend transactions in your day-to-day business. Blend > inventory > sales/order integrated workflows ensured product and price data accuracy, precise inventory adjustments, and efficient invoicing processes. Create a new custom blend, use it (or save it), load it out, and invoice – all in a matter of seconds. With over 30 years of experience in dedicated crop inputs application software development, our blending solution will revolutionize your fertilizer business.

Yes, agrē iBlend is currently compatible with several different blend control providers. Reference our industry partners equipment integration page to see all of the blend control providers that we currently partner with.

Don’t see your blender/control here? No problem, we can work with you and your control provider to see if we can customize a solution just for you.

agrē iBlend leverages Citrix to provide a portable, hosted, blending software solution that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. 

To get started with agrē iBlend, contact the Tronia Sales Team today to coordinate a customized demo session and prepare a personalized quote. Let us show you how agrē iBlend can make the difference you’ve been looking for.

Product Reviews:

Terry Marriott

Agro Source Ltd.


“I have been working with the Tronia agrē iBlend Program for over 5 years. It is user friendly and I am able to easily add new products, producers and pricing into the program. Support when we have needed it is second to none.”

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