agrē Grain

Complete Grain Terminal Management Solution

Grain management made easy with agrē Grain, designed for Grain terminals who specialize in the buying and selling of agricultural commodities


Grain Purchasing

Complete purchase functionality designed specifically for Canadian commodities.

  • dedicated grain producer center
  • flexible purchase contracts (Fixed, Basis, & HTA)
  • scale ticket (with optional integrated scale controls)
  • grain receipts
  • settlements
  • grain payments 
  • issue advances on grain receipts
  • grain account transfers 
  • producer storage
  • direct from farm shipment tracking

Grain Sales/Marketing

Effectively aids terminals in the trade and sale of commodities to destination markets.

  • dedicated grain buyer center/dashboard
  • detailed sales contracts (Fixed & Basis options)
  • scale tickets (with optional integrated scale controls)
  • shipment options by rail & truck
  • grain invoices
  • issue advances on impending grain shipments
  • payment tracking
  • hedging & futures
  • fully compliant reporting (CGC)

Inventory Controls

Precise inventory management tools for all your owned and stored grain products.

  • comprehensive inventory views by producer/client
  • real-time, accurate inventory quantity and activity monitoring
  • simplified transfer processes
  • commodity tracking by storage site and bins
  • optional condo or producer storage features
  • complete shipment tracking from producer to buyer
  • detailed inventory position reports and exporting
  • comparative analysis tools 

Manage Shares

Comprehensive features for tracking and managing all share-related activities.

  • shareholder center
  • share certificates
  • share issuance, transfers & buybacks
  • shareholder classes
  • dividend calculations & dividend payments
  • shareholder summaries
  • CRA/T5 reporting

Integrated Scales

Seamless integration with scale controls to help automate your grain receipt activities.

  • automated purchase & sales scale ticket options
  • seamless API integration
  • increased ticket entry speed
  • improved data accuracy
  • current scale control partners include: LV Controls and JF Software Systems
  • customizable scale setup 

All-in-One Grain & Inputs ERP

Consolidated customer account management for your Grain & Crop Inputs business activities.

  • one integrated solution for both business types
  • combined account views (net value)
  • synchronized reports
  • full transparency across all AR, AP, Inventory, & GL modules
  • scalable/configurable


agrē Grain FAQ's

agrē Grain is a comprehensive grain management solution designed specifically for the unique challenges of the grain industry. Built for terminal operators, by terminal operators; it offers a wide range of features, such as grain purchasing, dedicated grain sales & marketing, detailed inventory controls, share management, integrated scale options, and can operate as a fully integrated solution if you also sell crop inputs. It is the one-stop-shop for all your commodity and crop input needs.

Yes, agrē Grain can manage both the purchasing and sales sides of a terminal business. If you currently buy from producers and then sell/trade those commodities to third parties – agrē Grain has all the tools you need to receive, store, track, settle, sell, and make payments on those transactions – all with compliant reporting to CGC standards.

Yes, agrē Grain can be customized to fit the requirements of your unique grain terminals needs. With scalable locations, storage options, users, integrations, and compliant reporting; agrē Grain can be configured to fit your commodity business processes & needs. 

Yes, agrē Grain’s integrated scale module is designed to work seamlessly with various third-party scale systems such as LV Controls and JF Custom Solutions to accurately weigh and track your inbound/outbound stock activities. 

If you currently work with a dedicated scale provider, reach out to us to discuss the possibility of integrating with your scale control.

agrē Grain is built within the main agrē application, so if your retail does it all – grain & crop inputs – the complete agrē suite can manage everything. Providing you with a centralized grower account and inventory business management system.

To get started with agrē Grain, contact the Tronia Sales Team today to coordinate a customized demo session and a personalized quote. Let us show you how agrē Grain can make the difference you’ve been looking for.

Product Reviews:

John Montgomery

Westlock Terminal (NGC) Ltd.


“agrē Grain has been everything we needed it to be. It covers all the day-to-day needs of our New Generation Co-op Grain company, all wrapped up in a flexible and easy-to-use interface. The team there has been great to work with.” 

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