Your Ag-Retail Management Solution

A one-of-a-kind complete ERP solution, with a dedicated focus on agribusiness.  


Fertilizer Blending

Dynamic and easy-to-use blending functionality that seamlessly integrates with all aspects of agrē.

  • fully integrated 
  • dry & liquid fertilizer
  • scaled and volumetric blenders
  • blend by NPKS, guaranteed analysis, quantities, percentages or rates
  • unlimited nutrients & micronutrients
  • split sources & additional items
  • blend history by customer
  • customizable batch sheet
  • configurable blend fees and price sheets
  • direct integration with (10) automated blend controls i.e. LV, Ranco, EAI, Rancan, Kahler, AGI, etc.

Accounts Receivable

Streamlined management of customer accounts, prepayments, ordering, pick-up, and complex billing processes.

  • enhanced pricing capabilities 
  • quotes and work orders
  • loadout tickets 
  • split billing
  • centralized customer account management
  • eInvoice & eStatement
  • real-time transactional reporting
  • enhanced prepayment plans and prepayment dollar tracking
  • secure credit management
  • permit, field & farm tracking
  • dedicated 3rd party reporting: AgCollect, TKXS, Kenna & FMC

Inventory Management

Advanced tools and reporting to optimize inventory control and maximize efficiency across your entire ag business.

  • perpetual inventory management
  • real-time activity reporting
  • detailed product forecasts
  • location-based costing and pricing
  • flexible inventory transfer processes
  • inventory adjustment & manual count features
  • cost reallocation tools
  • lot number tracking 
  • detailed tax management
  • configurable inventory controls 
  • associated products
  • manufacturing 
  • complete dangerous goods tracking & fully compliant TDG reporting

Accounts Payable

Comprehensive features for tracking inventory costs, managing expenses, and ensuring operational success.

  • purchase orders, including a PO approval process
  • supplier account & contact management tools
  • fertilizer release number tracking
  • inventory position with full reporting
  • PO cost adjustments (rebates & rebills)
  • supplier prebuys
  • unlimited payment types
  • flexible tax capabilities
  • separation of inventory costs from operational expenditures
  • ability to set up post-dated payments
  • EFT payments
  • cheque/EFT batch approval process
  • easy-to-use reporting & reconciliation tools

General Ledger

Flexible revenue, expense, and budget tracking to make informed decisions to grow your business.

  • custom GL chart
  • bank deposits
  • bank & credit card account reconciliation
  • multi-currency
  • fixed asset management and depreciation calculation
  • recurring & reversing journal entries
  • subledger balancing
  • diverse financial reporting with comparative analysis (P&L, B/S)
  • location-based income statements
  • ability to close and reopen periods & years
  • project accounting functionality
  • budgeting & forecasting
  • import payroll postings 
  • GST summary worksheet

Reports & Exports

Robust reporting and analysis tools for data-driven management and crucial business decisions.

  • over 100 system-generated reports 
  • dedicated reporting by module
  • extensive data export library 
  • manual & automated data submissions for AgCollect, TKXS, Kenna, & FMC
  • easy to use reports offer a wide variety of criteria, filters, sorting & grouping options
  • personalized toolbars and ‘favorites’ criteria
  • ability to view, download and send all reports to PDF, raw text
  • full system emailing capabilities 
  • eConfirmation options
  • electronic signatures (optional eSign module)
  • all data can be exported to text, CSV, or Microsoft® Excel

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customizable CRM tools for identifying, nurturing, and retaining valuable customers to build long-lasting relationships.

  • unlimited user-defined fields, types & categories
  • various data types; text box, multi-line textbox, checkbox, dropdown list for personalized information 
  • record individual customer interactions and important events
  • set calendar reminders for follow-ups 
  • separate security for sensitive information
  • filter report results by customer or employee 
  • attach documents, files & images
  • search, filter, and export to text file or Microsoft® Excel
  • detailed CRM activity reporting 

Agronomy (add-on)

Integrated Agronomy-focused features & activities that link your customer account information with the services you provide.

  • perform & track field scouting activities
  • dedicated mobile app with offline capabilities
  • Google® assisted mapping
  • shapefile import & analysis
  • custom crop planning functionality
  • store and share images 
  • detailed analysis results & recommendations
  • load soil and tissue tests per field/crop
  • allocate inputs by field
  • custom application servicing  & dispatching
  • expense tracking
  • document management by activity
  • field history & trend analysis reporting

Grower Central (add-on)

Elevate your customer service by giving your growers the power to access their information and engage with your team.

  • customer facing portal
  • white-label design to sync with your branding
  • retailer managed user access & controls
  • anywhere, anytime access (24/7)
  • real-time data, fully integrated with your agrē ERP system
  • access all history inclusive of orders, loadout tickets, invoices & payment receipts
  • agronomy/grain activity
  • online payment options 
  • online ordering
  • product catalogues
  • download statements, prepayment & account activity reports
  • view any customer related documents or images


agrē FAQ's

agrē is a comprehensive ag retail business management solution designed specifically for the unique challenges of the agribusiness industry. It offers a wide range of features such as core accounting, point of sale, prepayment planning, precise inventory controls, integrated fertilizer blending, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing and detailed reporting (inclusive of AWSA & TDG compliance) as part of the general platform functionality to optimize your ag business operations. 

agrē is the proven ERP solution for any ag retail business. Our clients typically operate dealerships that blend and sell bulk fertilizer, crop protection, seed, feed, ag parts & equipment, farm supplies, bulk fuel, and operate grain terminals (buying & selling of commodities). It has extensive functionality to fully accommodate and simplify prepayment booking & deposits, lot number tracking (traceability), manufacturing processes, flexible cost & inventory controls, and includes robust reporting inclusive of automated manufacturer rebate program submissions.

agrē can be customized to fit any crop inputsgrain terminalseed processorag supplyagronomy service provider looking to streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency & profitability. It’s a fully scalable solution that is flexible and dynamic; made to fit the specific needs of your agribusiness today, tomorrow, and into the future.

agrē can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your ag retail business. With scalable solution options to accommodate multiple locations/warehouses/bins, flexible user management, complimentary functionality inclusive of; eSignature, grain management, agronomy, and a dedicated grower portal & mobile functionality – agrē can deliver the tools you and your team need to succeed.

Yes, agrē’s integrated fertilizer blending module is designed to work seamlessly with various automated blending systems (controls). To date we partner with: LV, Kahler Automation, AGI Yargus, Easy Automation Inc., Ranco, Rancan, ICS, Hi-Tech, Shift, & Stockdales. If we currently don’t integrate with your blend control equipment/provider, let us know and we’ll find out how to make that happen.

agrē Lite is designed for any business that wants the same powerful accounting, inventory tracking, and reporting tools as agrē; but doesn’t require the ‘ag-specific’ components of fertilizer blending & manufacturing.

To get started with agrē, contact the Tronia Sales Team today to coordinate a customized demo session and a personalized quote. Let us show you how agrē can make the difference you’ve been looking for.

Product Reviews:

Michelle Gibson

Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.


“We have been extremely happy with our decision to make the switch to agrē over 6 years ago. They (Tronia) made the transition very easy. The hands-on training with Devin and Dee was excellent! They really took the time to understand how we do business and knew how to make agrē work for us. We can always count on timely support from all of the friendly, knowledgeable members of the Tronia Team.”

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